212 - US Mid Term Election Review | Rohit Jayaraman | Politics
BharatvaartaNovember 18, 2022x
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212 - US Mid Term Election Review | Rohit Jayaraman | Politics

The US just had its mid term elections the past week where the senate and the house of representatives got elected. This was an important election for the US and to the world for several reasons. In this episode our resident political commentator Rohit Jayaraman spoke about how the US governance system is structured, what the results of the elections were and more in his conversation with Roshan Cariappa.

00:00 Sneak Peak
00:50 Introduction
01:40 US Governance system
07:05 Is the house AND Senate system efficient?
10:51 Biggest Factors influencing the Midterm elections
27:10 Level of Trust in the election process
29:04 Voter Dynamics across demographics
35:22 Republicans and Roe v Wade
36:47 Is this the end of the road for Trump?
38:43 Biggest winners and losers in this election
41:34 Red wave poll predictions and other surprises
43:21 Is Ron DeSantis Presidential material?
45:50 The Way forward for the Democrats
49:31 The Way forward for the Republicans
52:29 How do US elections concern India

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