#100 | Battle for Bengal | Aankhi Ghosh | Rohit Jayaraman | Bharatvaarta | Politics
BharatvaartaMarch 16, 2021x
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#100 | Battle for Bengal | Aankhi Ghosh | Rohit Jayaraman | Bharatvaarta | Politics

The West Bengal elections are a couple of weeks away and campaigning is  in full swing with high drama every day. It promises to be an exciting  content and on this episode, we delve into the nuances with our experts,  Aankhi Ghosh (Supreme Court Advocate) and Rohit Jayaraman (Political  Commentator). We begin the discussion by laying out some of the key  issues that this election will be contested on.   Then, we analyse the campaigns of the various parties and alliances  involved and also dissect some of the prevalent narratives.

We drill down on TMC’s recent firefighting, Mamata Banerjee’s leadership and her contesting from Nandigram; the impact of the Left, Congress, and Muslim  parties alliance; how the BJP has rapidly built its base over the last  few years in a state which is not its traditional stronghold. Finally,  we end with predictions on poll numbers, winning parties, and also  potential Chief Minister candidates.

This is a fascinating deep dive into one of the most important elections  of the year and is a must listen for anyone interested in Indian  Politics. This podcast is available on YouTube, Apple, Google, Spotify,  Breaker, Stitcher, and other popular platforms. If you like this  episode, then please rate, subscribe and share! For more information, do  check out www.bharatvaarta.in.