#076 - Power Sector in India - Way Ahead
BharatvaartaDecember 22, 2020x
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#076 - Power Sector in India - Way Ahead

India's power sector is going through major transformation. A focus on clean and sustainable power generation sources has been driving this transformation over the last few years. Increasing urbanisation and industrialisation in the coming decades will mean that India will need access to reliable and clean power. As of September 2020, India's renewable capacity stood at 89.22 GW with a target of 227 GW by FY22.

In this episode we have Mudit Jain(Head of Research - Tata Cleantech) and Rajat Seksaria (CEO - Acme Solar) talk to Srivatsa Subbanna about the challenges facing the distribution companies and why they continue to be loss-making, they then talk about the opportunities in the renewable sector and how the sector has evolved over the last decade. They then talk about the amendments to the Electricity act and how the government is looking to solarize agriculture potentially adding to new capacity generation and end with sharing their thoughts on the way ahead when it comes to the privatisation of discoms.

This episode is a fascinating deep-dive into the power sector, its structure and how the entire industry has gone through a transformation and how the changes could shape the industry over the coming years.

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