#056 - Future of Work | Gaurav Chattur | K Sudarshan
BharatvaartaOctober 21, 2020x
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#056 - Future of Work | Gaurav Chattur | K Sudarshan

This year, employment and work have been impacted like no other time in recent history. While uncertainties loom over what will be relevant going forward, we try to piece together the puzzle with two very senior leaders from the HR & Recruitment industry.   

Gaurav Chattur, Managing Director - Asia Pacific of Catenon India, and K Sudarshan, Managing Director and Regional Chair for Asia at EMA Partners International, join Roshan Cariappa in a comprehensive discussion on ‘The Future of Work’. They discuss how jobs have changed in the current times of COVID, what skills are required going forward, the varying attitudes of millennials and older generations to career, the IT industry’s bloated middle of the pyramid crisis, what kind of management and leadership is required, how India can reap the demographic dividend, and more. This episode has numerous insights that could be essential to a successful career in the post-COVID World.   

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