#044 - Tourism in India | Anuradha Goyal (IndiTales) | Karan Cariappa (GoMowgli)
BharatvaartaSeptember 12, 2020x
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#044 - Tourism in India | Anuradha Goyal (IndiTales) | Karan Cariappa (GoMowgli)

Like many, if you have been isolated at home for all of this year then this episode is a must listen! Roshan Cariappa is joined by Anuradha Goyal (award-winning blogger @ IndiTales, Author & Speaker) and Karan Cariappa (Avid Traveler & Co-founder, GoMowgli), who paint a rich tapestry of cultural travel across the length and breadth of the India.   

Find out what courting rituals the Bhils in Madhya Pradesh share with the people of Biligiri Ranga Hills, about the boat races in Alleppey and their significance, the magnificence of the Kumbh Mela, travel to Ladakh, and much more. Along the way, Anuradha and Karan also describe the various stakeholders in the travel ecosystem and what the Government can do to attract more tourism.   

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