#043 - FinTech Landscape In India | Monica Jasuja | Mandar Kagade
BharatvaartaSeptember 08, 2020x
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#043 - FinTech Landscape In India | Monica Jasuja | Mandar Kagade

In this episode of the Bharatvaarta podcast, Roshan Cariappa is joined by Monica Jasuja (Fintech Industry leader) and Mandar Kagade (Fintech Public Policy Consultant) to discuss the thriving space of fintech (Financial Technology) in India.   

In the race of: will banks adopt tech sooner than tech companies learn banking, the banks have done eminently well. Better than what the pundits expected, atleast! In this wide ranging conversation, Monica and Mandar discuss the various innovations in the fintech space and how stakeholders are responding. Fintechs are solving for Financial Inclusion, Credit, Personal Finance Management, and more. They have been ably supported by the Government’s JAM (Jan Dhan, Aadhaar, Mobile) trinity and the India Stack (unified software platform for digital services). As Fintechs become more relevant in a post-COVID World what are the challenges and opportunities ahead for them? Join Monica, Mandar, and Roshan as they discuss all this and more.   This is a fascinating primer for anybody interested in the space! 

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