BharatvaartaAugust 24, 2020x
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#039 - Investing & Finance | Monika Halan (Consulting Editor, Mint & Author, "Let's Talk Money")

In this episode, Roshan  Cariappa speaks to Monika Halan (Consulting Editor, Mint & Author of ‘Let’s Talk Money’) about creating wealth sustainably.   

Monika has over two decades of experience covering business, economy, and personal finance in India. In this episode, she discusses how Indian investor’s attitudes have changed over the years, the foundations of managing money, investing in equity markets, rise of Fintechs and new assets, how monetary policy affects people’s savings, what the Government should do to transition us from a “buyer beware” market to a “seller beware” market, and why she is optimistic going forward for the Indian Economy.   

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