BharatvaartaApril 12, 2020x
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#011 - Bharatvaarta | Is the globalized world coming apart? | Free Trade and Policy | Global Institutions and Interventionism | Rise of localism

Is the globalized World we live in coming apart? In this episode of the Bharatvaarta, Roshan is joined by Aashish Chandorkar (Author, Public Policy Expert, and Commentator), Rajeev Mantri (Investor, Author, and Public Policy Commentator) and Srivatsa Subbanna (Management Consultant & Analytics Expert) to discuss the broad underpinnings of Globalization. The ongoing pandemic has exposed the fragility of our connected World and it has drawn reactions economically and socially from various countries. It is in this context that our guests try to unpack some of the related trends and examine what could change going forward. To that end, they discuss trade, policy, the role of institutions, localism, and more in this fascinating conversation. Do listen and share! (This podcast is available on all popular platforms such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Breaker, Pocketcasts, and so on).