Aranya : An Affordable Housing

Aranya : An Affordable Housing

Architecture is the art and science of designing the space around us as per our imagination and requirements. It is the reflection of cultural heritage , the economic progress and also identity of the people of a particular region. To bring out some fascinating stories from the world of Architecture across different corners of the globe ‘Worksphere’ presents ‘ArchiCast’.


Slum settlements have grown significantly as a consequence of the inability of developing countries to keep up with the massive increase in urban populations during the latter half of the twentieth century.

Various attempts have been made by a diverse range of professionals to find a viable urban and architectural housing solution to the slum crisis. One solution has been to relocate slum dwellers to new townships and demolish the slums where they have lived. Aranya Township in Indore is a well-known example of these new settlements, known for its architectural brilliance. 

 In this episode of Archicast, we will be talking about  ‘Affordable housing with a special emphasis on ‘Aranya’ , a low-cost housing in Indore’.

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Written by : Urban Planner Shriya

Direction ,Sound & Voice : Shweta Kulkarni

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