Aanakaryam ChenakaryamApril 28, 2021x
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In conversation with Julie Madhusoodhanan

A dear childhood friend Julie always brought a bright smile to the room. Even as a child she was a compassionate and considerate human being. Starting out in the software industry in the early 90's Julie was one of the few female programmers that pursued and sustained her career. She migrated to the US after a brief stint at a couple of startups in India and has an interesting story of a migrant pursuing the American dream.  Hear about her journey to becoming an executive leader, a mentor and an entrepreneur.   

Julie grew up exposed to Media and Journalism with 4 generations of her dad's side of the family investing in a newspaper as a mechanism to fight against social injustice.  She speaks 5 languages,  was a state/national professional tennis player, has learnt Carnatic music and loves everything spiritual.  Her career spans 25 years in the Software industry (Ernst & Young, Microsoft,  Hulu and now at Google),  and an ongoing Storytelling entrepreneurial venture at Kadha.com. She is a lifelong learner and completed an Executive MBA at the University of Washington in 2020. Her deepest joy and focus centres around bringing up her 9 year old child. She loves to meet people, mentor,  engage in community service and explore the unknown.