Ep.47: 9XM SoundcastE - Dr. Palash Sen
9XM SoundcastEApril 29, 2020x
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Ep.47: 9XM SoundcastE - Dr. Palash Sen

Eva BhattEva BhattHost

Euphoria’s lead singer Dr. Palash Sen joins us, remotely, from his Delhi home, for a long conversation with Host Eva Bhatt, about his  'lockdown' experience & his creative discipline. 

The 'Dhoom' singer shares his thoughts and opinions regarding the music industry & its current trends, why he will stick to producing 'original' music only and his tips for independent artists, today.

He talks about how, back in the late 90s, his band Euphoria, had broken all norms, in a 'remix heavy' pop scene in India, with their 'original' music and how they took inspiration from folk music to create the sound of India’s first indigenous band. He also talks passionately about how artists from the west like Elvis Presley, The Beatles & Freddie Mercury had a huge influence on him. 

Listen to Palash Sen, as he sings some of his iconic hits & some old classics while talking about treating music as a ‘therapy’, especially in these times. (He is a doc, remember?)

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