If Part 1 was about Armaan & Amaal Malik’s inspiring story about their struggle & success, Part 2 highlights some practical issues of the Bollywood music industry.

Host Eva Bhatt gets them to discuss and debate on remixes and their struggle to bring back ‘melody’, their take on the race for maximum views (How “30K people become 30 MN Youtube views”), how collaboration is better than the competition and how music has no boundaries.

Listen to them talk about Armaan’s ‘Scroll the Troll’ & Amaal’s ‘Troll the Troll’.

Amaal also shares some practical tips for aspiring singers. (Why you must listen to Sonu Nigam & Arijit Singh) He talks in detail about his passion project - his independent music and also gives us a sneak peek into his Disney adventure of dubbing as ‘Aladdin’.

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