ABBA, 9 Evenings and the Cuckoo Clock
3 Techies Banter #3TBSeptember 15, 2022x
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ABBA, 9 Evenings and the Cuckoo Clock

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The oldest known written melody is the Hurrian Hymn Number 6, from around 1400 BC. Closer home, Indian classical music is one of the oldest unbroken musical traditions in the world. Its origin can be traced to recitations of Vedic scriptures i.e. 6000 years ago.

Similarly, the history of art extends from prehistoric cave paintings thru Byzantine, Baroque, Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism all the way to modern Pop art and Minimalism. The Indus Valley probably marks the recorded start of Indian Art. That is quite a mouthful 😅.

Enter Tech. Quite simply, tech allows AUM to all - access, understand and monetise opportunities. And this is the driving engine of the much talked about creator economy. Hence the need for the episode - the mystery of its name is in the episode.

And so is an interesting contest with some fun giveaways for our loyal listeners 😎. Those interested, please follow the instructions and write in to us at

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