From Fashion to Filmy Cops with #GulshanDevaiah
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From Fashion to Filmy Cops with #GulshanDevaiah

Join Kiran Manral in an engaging conversation with the versatile actor Gulshan Devaiah on the premiere episode of Season 2 of Chasing Creativity. 

Discover Gulshan's unique journey from being a fashion designer to a celebrated actor, his childhood influences, challenges in unconventional roles, experiences in theatre, and the technical aspects of acting. Dive into the nuances of his characters, the significance of pre-production, and gain a sneak peek into his latest projects including #BadCop on @Disney+ Hotstar and the spy thriller #Ulajh. 

Get ready for an insightful discussion filled with humorous anecdotes and valuable acting insights. Catch the creative folks who are #ChasingCreativity.

00:00 Let’s start!

00:48 Introduction to the Show and Guest

02:11 Gulshan's Journey from Fashion to Acting

02:42 The Influence of Family and Early Exposure to Drama

04:24 Discovering a Passion for Fashion

06:20 Transitioning from Fashion to Acting

09:16 The Role of Aesthetics in Acting

10:55 Choosing Unconventional Roles

15:38 Learning from Experience and Mentors

18:51 Theatre vs. Screen Acting

22:32 Switching Off After Acting

23:27 Method Acting Experiences

25:06 Challenges of Staying in Character

25:33 Exploring Imagination in Acting

27:19 Introduction to Bad Cop

28:21 Double Role Dynamics

31:24 Technical Challenges of Double Roles

33:59 Physical Preparation for Roles

36:41 Anurag Kashyap as an Actor

37:57 Future Projects and Philosophies

39:16 Conclusion and Final Thoughts